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Saga Consult provides hands-on consulting and technical assistance to help organizations develop and implement high-impact tutoring programs that enable students to thrive. We do this through a six-step program.

Program Design

We can help you design an effective tutoring model that will work in your context, help you understand important implementation factors (i.e. scheduling, logistics, memoranda of understanding), as well as how to collaborate with all stakeholders who are important to your success.

Recruitment & Selection

The success of your tutoring program depends on your ability to attract and qualify the best tutor applicants who reflect the students you serve. We will provide guidelines, job descriptions, interview questions, and support while you recruit, hire, and onboard necessary tutoring staff and tutors.


Our team has trained thousands of tutors, and we can help you train yours, or your leaders – on lesson planning, curriculum alignment, rigor, checks for understanding, and building relationships with students.

Program Management

Central to Saga’s success is our progress for training the staff that will oversee, manage, and coach your tutors. Saga will walk alongside the leadership staff throughout the program providing a space to collaborate, share resources, and inspect the fidelity of the program through extended observations with detailed feedback reports at the end of each observation period.

Curriculum Design

Most curriculum today is geared towards a traditional classroom setting and trained teachers. Our team carefully develops content that is appropriate for a tutorial context. We will train you to plan, implement, and align our tutorial-based curriculum with your district or state math standards.

Data & Assessments

The most effective tutoring programs use ongoing assessments to understand a student’s knowledge/skill gaps as well as their progress over time. We can help your organization identify the right tools that will help tutors create targeted instructional plans. 

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looking for direct support?

If you would like Saga Education to directly implement high-impact tutoring in your school or district, please visit Saga Direct.

"Saga was able to customize our sessions according to what our tutors really needed to launch the program. Our tutors enjoyed the sessions—a rare statement for PD!— and were ready to rock on day one." Alex Baron, Director of Academic Strategy at E.L. Haynes Public Charter School
“I can’t even contemplate how different our school would be without the contributions of Saga. While the increase in academic achievement is clear and profound, the confidence and self-esteem are the most noticeable.” Daryl Blank, Principal
High School of Fashion Industries, New York City, NY
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