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what does the AmeriCorps experience look like?

At the core, Saga Education AmeriCorps members provide math tutoring for students. However, serving with Saga means so much more. In addition to tutoring and building strong mentoring relationships with students, the AmeriCorps experience allows members to support students in ways beyond math and the classroom.

AmeriCorps members help students resolve disagreements, advise them on personal situations that distract them from the classroom, and support their self-advocacy ability. They inspire and empower students as they explore high school and beyond.

frequently asked questions

Saga Education supports young people from communities that have been historically under-served by providing personalized and consistent math tutorials. Professionally trained AmeriCorps members supplement teacher instruction and encourage students’ confidence and academic strengths. Saga partners with public school districts to provide this service at no cost to students.

AmeriCorps members spend their service year serving, either in-person or remotely, in a public school tutoring a small caseload of students to help them achieve specific academic goals while also supporting them as a mentor.

An AmeriCorps member’s typical day varies slightly depending on their site placement and if they serve in-person or remotely. In general, AmeriCorps members tutor students for approximately six class periods a day throughout the regular school day—Saga’s program takes the place of a class period for students. AmeriCorps members are also given a planning and 30-minute lunch period. At the end of the school day, AmeriCorps members are responsible for any other tasks that require completion before the next day.

Saga provides an opportunity to create lifelong relationships with other AmeriCorps members and Site Directors. AmeriCorps members serve alongside a team of AmeriCorps members in the same in-person or virtual classroom, creating a supportive community and fostering collaboration. In addition, AmeriCorp members work closely with teachers and parents to discuss ways to help students succeed. Some AmeriCorps members may support their students’ extracurricular interests by attending school sporting events or supporting school clubs/organizations. While getting involved in extracurricular activities is never required, it is a great way to engage with students outside the classroom.

Individuals who serve with Saga receive approximately two weeks of training, typically beginning in July or August. This training focuses on work orientation, best-practice tutoring strategies, lesson planning, tutorial management, curriculum structures, cultural sensitivity, and how to build relationships with students and the school community.

AmeriCorps members also receive ongoing training via weekly tutorial observations and coaching feedback sessions with their Site Directors and weekly Professional Development (PD) sessions.

The Saga Academics Team provides AmeriCorps members with Saga’s proprietary curriculum that is written specifically for tutorials.

Our AmeriCorps members have diverse educational backgrounds. While a degree in math or education is not a requirement, a strong understanding of algebra and geometry concepts is needed for this role.

Saga includes a short math assessment during our interview process to ensure this role is a good fit for you and your students.

At this time, our service year is full-time, Monday through Friday, which is 9 hours a day and 45 hours a week. Our program takes the place of a class period for students, so AmeriCorps members are expected to support students daily in the place of an elective on their school schedule.

If you’re looking to serve in-person, you must reside close to where you will work. Many of our AmeriCorps members choose to relocate to serve and experience a new city. A $500 relocation allowance is provided for AmeriCorps members relocating over 50 miles to serve in-person. We also offer several remote options.

Many of our AmeriCorps members chose to return for another service year! Tutors can serve up to 4 AmeriCorps terms and also have the opportunity to grow with Saga as Leadership Fellows.

Outside of growth within Saga, our AmeriCorps members go on to pursue a wide variety of pathways after their service year, including but not limited to attending graduate or professional school, teaching full-time, working in non-teaching positions in schools, or moving into careers in other fields —such as business, healthcare, or marketing. We also have an engaged Alumni Network that keeps members connected in their time after service.

If you have questions about how a service year with Saga Education fits in with your specific long-term career goals, we would love to help.

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Four Lessons I Learned From My Students​

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Why Consider a Service Year with Saga​

At Saga Education, we believe the potential to achieve is universal, and every student is capable of shaping a story of success—in school and in life. As things now stand, however, not every student has a fair chance to see it.

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Read the stories from current and past AmeriCorps members and see how their service year continues to impact their lives.

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Lead students to a love of learning. A service year with Saga is your chance to be part of change.