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The Importance of Equity and Community in Thoughtful Innovation and Evaluation

July 7, 2024

AJ is a passionate advocate for education equity attends a conference and argues for increased research funding. When challenged by panelists who emphasize experience over research, he realizes the importance of including the community in research design to rebuild trust, especially for Black communities historically harmed by unethical studies. This op-ed highlights the need for both innovation and community-centered research to achieve equitable educational solutions.

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High-Impact Tutoring: Beyond ESSER Funds (Infographic)

July 3, 2024

Key Findings: Even though ESSER funding is running out, alternative funding sources are available for tutoring programs, including Title I funds, AmeriCorps grants, Federal Work-Study programs, Hawkins Grants, and Department of Labor apprenticeships. High-impact tutoring can significantly improve graduation rates, especially by focusing on interventions in grade three literacy and ninth-grade algebra. Tutoring pays off…

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Building an Educational Village: The Power of High-Impact Tutoring

June 24, 2024

For ten years, Saga Education has been at the forefront of a movement shattering the one-size-fits-all mold in education. We believe every student deserves personalized attention, and every teacher, a supportive village. That’s why we champion high-impact tutoring, a transformative approach that empowers educators and unlocks student potential. As we celebrate a decade of impact, let’s explore the power of this model and how it can revolutionize your classroom.

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New Insights on Tutoring Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

June 13, 2024

Tutoring is effective for academic improvement, but more research is needed to identify the best approaches. Accelerate’s research report re-examined 89 studies on tutoring in K-12 schools to evaluate different approaches’ impact on student achievement. Schools need cost-effective interventions as federal funding ends, and Accelerate’s measure of cost-effectiveness can help determine ROI. Less than a quarter of the studies met evidence standards, but Saga Education’s tutoring showed significant additional learning. Grade level and dosage of tutoring affect effectiveness, with Saga Education’s approach delivering the most learning and empowering districts to implement high-impact tutoring in their own context. Accelerate’s analysis and cost-effectiveness measure are valuable for states and school districts, however more large-scale studies are needed to scale efficient and effective tutoring programs.

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How Math Tutoring at Saga Benefits Students and Tutors

June 7, 2024

Being a tutor is not just a job, but a transformative journey filled with learning, growth, and impact. It empowers students, hones teaching skills, and fosters connections. Tutoring is a catalyst for positive change in education. Read how former Saga Leadership Fellow Kenzie Confer embarked on a transformative journey that enriched the lives of her students and herself.

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High-Dosage Tutoring Gets a Tech Boost

June 3, 2024

Struggling to bridge the learning gap? High-dosage tutoring offers a powerful solution, but traditional programs can be expensive and strain staffing resources. This article explores a groundbreaking new approach from Saga Education that combines the effectiveness of tutors with the affordability of educational technology. Discover how this innovative blended model can help your district achieve significant learning gains for students, all at a fraction of the cost.