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Effective Tutoring Needs a Tutoring Curriculum

February 27, 2024

An effective high-impact tutoring curriculum is crucial for student success as it offers comprehensive support to tutors. When tutors are well-prepared, students reap the benefits. A successful tutoring curriculum enhances student outcomes and provides tailored learning opportunities for students and tutors. It is important to note that tutors have distinct roles in supporting students’ learning…

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Math and the Arts: Celebrating Black History Month

February 21, 2024

Math and the arts are two subjects that show how talented humans can be. With math, we can figure out the exact calculations needed to send a satellite into space or even send a person up there. On the other hand, art lets us dive deep into the emotions and amazing beauty of human expression….

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The NEA Endorses High-Impact Tutoring in Schools, Hope for Student Success

In mid-February, the National Education Association, the nation’s largest union, endorsed in-school-day high-impact tutoring. Here’s the heart of what they said:  “The research is clear: high-impact tutoring improves student learning. Over the past few years, finding a consensus around the most effective strategies and interventions to address post-COVID learning recovery has largely been elusive. However,…