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Saga Education serves historically underserved young people through personalized, consistent, caring, and best-in-the-world tutorials that result in youth increasing confidence and academic strength so that they see, pursue, and realize their grandest dreams—and it’s working.

data-backed results

The University of Chicago Urban Labs rigorously evaluated our impact via large-scale randomized controlled trials, the gold standard in program evaluation. Here’s what they found:

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Students learn up to 2.5 years worth of math in one academic year.

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The opportunity gap* is closed by nearly 50% in one academic year.

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Math course failures are reduced by as much as 63%.

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Course failures in non-tutored subjects are reduced by as much as 26%.


Student attendance improves by as much as 18 days per academic year.

This is a game-changing impact against a national backdrop of limited success stories of improving academic outcomes.   

* Opportunity Gap: Refers to the ways that uncontrollable life factors like race, language, economic, and family situations can create a disparity in educational performance, career prospects, and other life aspirations.

what makes high-impact tutoring successful?

Saga aims to educate policymakers, the education community, and the public about high-impact tutoring as an effective, evidence-based solution to increase academic performance and accelerate educational equity for underserved students.

advocacy + systems change

“This individualized tutorial program has the potential to be a transformative strategy in public education, helping our most at-risk youth... gain real hope for a diploma.” The Hamilton Project, Brookings Institute

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