Our Approach

Inside every child lives a story waiting to unfold

But those stories start in very different places

Our approach to accelerating learning and educational equity focuses on strengthening students’ sense of belonging in school through meaningful connections with caring adults. Because when every student has access to positive and empowering relationships, every student can see and achieve their potential and success.

As the national leader in high-impact tutoring, we help districts develop and implement high-quality, in-school tutoring models. We co-design and collaborate with schools and districts, offering our expertise and best-in-class learning technology tools and resources.

What is high-impact tutoring?

Not all tutoring is created equal. High-impact tutoring is held during the regular school day and woven into the fabric of the daily school schedule as a supplement to core classroom instruction. Tutoring happens in small groups—a ratio of one tutor to every three students. High-impact tutoring is held three times a week, at least for 30-50 minutes a day. The same tutor follows the students throughout the school year to build trust and consistent relationships. The tutors receive ongoing feedback and professional development. Tutors use a high-quality curriculum aligned with academic standards, practices, and assessments to monitor student progress.

the saga education model

Our high-impact in-person tutoring model uses objective and rigorous standards, such as large-scale randomized control trials—which is considered the gold standard in program evaluation. Multiple reputable sources have researched and validated the efficacy of Saga’s model.

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What's our why?

accelerating educational equity

Quality education is the best pathway toward equity and prosperity for students, especially those experiencing poverty. Yet, there still exists a significant opportunity gap in educational attainment.

One central challenge is the mismatch between what traditional classrooms deliver and what students need. Teachers managing large classes do not have the time or resources to provide individualized instruction to struggling students consistently. 

Research shows that Saga’s high-impact, in-school tutoring is a powerful way to supplement the great work of classroom teachers and support students, especially in core subjects, like math.

High-impact tutoring for all

widespread impact

With 18 years of experience studying and implementing high-impact tutoring between Saga and our predecessor organization, Match Education, we know what works. We have successfully grown our direct tutoring services year after year, but to reach the one million students at risk of failing Algebra 1 annually, we need widespread impact.

The best path forward to scale high-impact tutoring rapidly is by school districts directly implementing their versions of Saga’s model. Through Saga Consult, we provide technical assistance and hands-on consulting to help schools and districts implement Level 1 ESSA-rated evidence-based, high-impact tutoring programs.

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A collage of students and tutors engaging in learning activities

Changing the landscape of public education

systems change

We inform and influence policymakers, the education community, and the public about high-impact tutoring as an effective, evidence-based solution to increase academic performance and accelerate educational equity. Our goal is to shift policies, mindsets, practices, and the flow of resources so that high-quality, in-school tutoring is part of the fabric of K–12 education.