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an impactful year in the classroom

When you serve with Saga Education as an AmeriCorps member, you’ll get to experience a year of service in the classroom, making a difference in the lives of youth, while you learn valuable skills as a leader. 

You’ll share in their wins, and help them navigate their challenges. You’ll be a critical figure in advocating for students and teaching them to advocate for themselves.

what to expect

You’ll have a year of in-the-classroom work, helping math students who need it the most.

Students who pass ninth-grade Algebra 1 are four times more likely to graduate from high school than those who do not. Helping students during this pivotal time multiplies their opportunities long after high school. 

Tutors offer much more than one-on-one instruction. They’re also role models.

application + selection process

Wondering what it’s like to apply to Saga? The online application takes about 15-minutes, and the entire selection process takes approximately two weeks.

resources + benefits

We have a full suite of resources and benefits available for our tutors to support you in every aspect of your service year. Get an overview of our complete benefits package.

serve with saga

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