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Meet Saga Connect

Saga Connect is a platform designed to host interactive tutoring sessions. It includes audio-video conferencing, an interactive whiteboard, individual scratchpads to show work, stickers, chat, and more to facilitate engaging tutor-student interactions. 

For math, Saga Connect includes an expression editor that enables students to express beautiful math and a scientific calculator. It has area models, algebra tiles, manipulations for modeling, and is integrated with Desmos for graphing. 

Saga Connect makes it easy and fun to work with students whether in-person or online.

Saga Connect is designed so that students can connect with a caring adult, collaborate with other students, and explore math in a way that is supportive and engaging.

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Integrated online tutoring platform

When we surveyed the market, we realized that what we wanted for a state-of-the-art tutoring platform didn’t exist. So we acquired an award-winning edtech company and built our own

The result is Saga Connect, an interactive platform optimized for tutoring. There is nothing like it on the market. Take two minutes and watch the demo below. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Saga Connect is available at an affordable rate (our direct costs) to school districts and other nonprofits supporting high-impact tutoring programs. It provides all of the features below, plus built-in A/V, break-out rooms, student dashboards with assignments, and much more:

  • Shared whiteboard
  • Audio & video support
  • Student rosters & scheduling
  • Student dashboard & assignments
  • Create, manage and upload content
  • Report & analytics
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