Saga Education Takes the Next Step to Become a One-Stop-Shop for Both Math and Literacy Tutoring by Partnering with Success for All

BOSTON, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the nation’s most trusted nonprofit partner for implementing high-impact tutoring, Saga Education, announced its latest partnership with the Success for All Foundation. This collaboration is the result of Saga’s most recent efforts to become a full service support partner for districts and state education agencies in both literacy and math tutoring.

Saga is dedicated to supporting the need of helping K-3 students regain and accelerate literacy competency. This is a necessary objective after The National Assessment of Educational Progress released its 2022 report which stated that students had the biggest recorded drop in reading scores since 1990.

Success for All Foundation offers Tutoring with the Lightning Squad, which provides tutoring in a 1:4 ratio with an interactive, research-based proven curriculum. In a recent study of students in Baltimore City, significant benefits were seen in all grades. Students literacy in one Baltimore City Schools’ analysis doubled their rate of growth in reading skills.

In Tutoring with The Lightning Squad, students work to strengthen their literacy skills – phonics and phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension – using interactive, partner-supported games that adapt to their progress.

“With this partnership, Saga becomes a one-stop-shop for high-impact tutoring, supporting the two highest leverage points for keeping students on track for graduation – early literacy and middle to late grade math,” said AJ Gutierrez, Saga co-founder and Chief of Policy and Public Affairs.

Research shows that proficiency in reading by the end of third grade, and success in algebra one, each increase the high school graduation rate four-fold. According to Saga Education, focusing in these high priority areas is the pathway to scale evidence-based high impact tutoring nationwide.

Success for All Foundation will provide technical assistance to those states and districts that are implementing early literacy tutoring alongside Saga, which provides technical assistance related to tutoring to support for grades 6-12 math. Similar to Saga, Success for All will partner with district leaders to support effective design and planning for their program, train leaders and tutors, provide interactive curriculum, and support implementation throughout the school year.

Nancy Madden, Success for All co-founder and CEO, said, “We are thrilled to enter this partnership with Saga to add the capacity to powerfully accelerate growth in essential literacy skills. Districts will have tools to offer life-changing tutoring interventions to their students.”  

Learn more about this partnership here.

About Saga Education

Saga Education is a national leader in high-impact, in-school tutoring, leveraging the power of human capital and technology to accelerate student outcomes and create equitable learning for students. Saga co-designs and collaborates with schools and districts, offering expertise, best-in-class learning technology, and resources to help implement evidence-based high-impact tutoring models. Rigorous research shows the Saga program works to raise math scores, fosters confidence, and creates a sense of belonging that underpin all academic success. Students participating in Saga tutoring programs scored higher on exams, earned better grades, and were more likely to pass high school classes in just one year. For more information, visit

About The Success for All Foundation

The Success for All Foundation, founded in 1987, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for children from diverse backgrounds. Through evidence-based programs and partnerships with schools, the Foundation aims to ensure that all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, or abilities, have access to high-quality education. By implementing research-based strategies and providing ongoing support to educators, the Success for All Foundation empowers schools to create inclusive learning environments that foster academic achievement, social-emotional development, and lifelong success for every child.

About Tutoring with the Lightning Squad

Tutoring with the Lightning Squad is a highly effective literacy tutoring program offered by the Success for All Foundation. Backed by extensive research, it focuses on providing targeted support and personalized instruction to below-level students in grades 1-5. Students work cooperatively in pairs, guided and monitored by their tutors, as they advance through activities to develop reading skills. Each 30-minute session allows tutors to effectively support up to six students, maximizing instructional time. With user-friendly software and comprehensive guides, tutors have the necessary tools to facilitate engaging sessions. Individualized reports track and display student progress at the student, class, and school levels, allowing for informed decision-making. At-home activities complement in-class learning and promote collaboration between students and parents.