Schools Need New Plans to Help Students Catch Up When ESSER Funding Ends

March 6, 2024
School closures during the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected student learning, especially math and reading. The federal government responded by funding states and school districts to address the situation, allocating $189.5 billion to schools through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. Schools needed to reserve 20 percent of the stimulus funds for evidence-based interventions to mitigate COVID-related learning disruptions. As a result, many schools embraced high-impact tutoring to help their students accelerate their learning.

Although high-impact tutoring has proven essential for helping students make up for lost time, ESSER funding is expected to end in September 2024, with a possible extension to 2026. With federal funding only covering 10% of education costs, districts must identify new ways to invest in learning recovery efforts and effective practices like tutoring.

In the latest white paper, Accelerate Learning Now, Saga proposes several alternative strategies to help students catch up on their learning. Learn to identify additional funding resources, prospective partners, and other tactics to help your students.

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What is High Impact Tutoring?

High-impact tutoring involves small group sessions with a 3:1 student-to-tutor ratio, working with the same tutor for 30-60 minutes, three times a week, for 10 to 36 weeks. Tutors are well-trained and supported, using a tutoring curriculum that supports a teacher’s curriculum.

About Saga

Saga Education is a national leader in high-impact, in-school tutoring that leverages both the power of human capital and technology to accelerate student outcomes and create more equitable learning for students.