NY State Board Association says Saga tutoring will help mitigate “learning loss”

September 3, 2021

Image Source: New York State Department of Education

The New York State School Boards Association released a three page research brief this week on addressing “learning loss,” endorsing high dosage tutoring, citing Saga Education’s evidence throughout. This state-level recognition comes at a crucial time when the nation is looking towards tutoring as a strategy to accelerate student learning. This brief coincides with the US Department of Education’s Covid-19 guidance to districts on spending federal stimulus funds through Sept 2023, which also highlights Saga Education’s program standards and cites research by the University of Chicago Education Lab.

“At Saga Education we are demonstrating what is possible with high impact tutoring. Ultimately, school districts should integrate tutoring as part of the regular school day, which requires leaders to restructure their approach to scheduling, budgeting and deploying human capital. These guidelines bring us one step closer to real system change,” said Alan Safran, CEO of Saga Education.

Tutoring may be one panacea for learning loss. A meta-analysis by researchers at JPAL North America, based out of MIT, finds that tutoring programs have consistently large, positive impacts on students outcomes. The University of Chicago calculated the return on investment for Saga’s academic results, showing a return of six dollars for ever dollar invested in tutoring.

“High impact tutoring is an extraordinary way to accelerate academic progress, and there are other important ancillary benefits that we must not overlook. Consistent tutors provide role models and social emotional support from caring adults, build a reliable channel for parent communication, supplement classroom instruction, and generate a talent pipeline into schools and districts, ” said AJ Gutierrez, Co-founder of Saga Education and Chief of Marketing and Communications.

Safran added, “Embedding tutoring as part of the regular school day creates the best opportunity and best conditions for collaboration with classroom teachers, to integrate tutors within the school, and for students to feel that it is not a stigma. If we prove over the next three years of federal stimulus spending that tutoring can be done right, then pressure will build by parents to integrate tutoring as part of the fabric of American Schools.”

Implementing models in ways that we know will lead to success is not only an opportunity for innovation but will guarantee that we are making the most of federal investments in tutoring. Saga Education is providing a suite of tools and resources to help, including this state and district toolkit for implementing high dosage, high impact tutoring. In addition, leaders at Saga are providing hands-on technical support with program design and implementation, and technology tools to train tutors and leaders to deliver online instruction. Click here to learn more.