NBC Nightly News Highlights How Saga’s High-Impact Tutoring Can Close Learning Gaps

November 22, 2022
Results recently released from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, dubbed the “nation’s report card,” showcased that U.S. students’ reading scores have dipped and since 2019, math grades have plummeted across the country.

On Nov. 17, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (Kids Edition) highlighted the ways Saga’s data-driven high-impact tutoring programs can provide the support students need to start closing these learning gaps.

High-impact tutoring is one of the most effective tools to get students back on track. Research from the University of Chicago shows that Saga’s education model has the ability to close a learning gap of up to two-and-a-half years of math in a single school year. And it doesn’t happen after school. Saga places tutors in school districts nationwide to help students with math during the day in small groups, either in-person, or remotely.

Wyn’lei Jenkins-Williams, a student at R.B. Stall High School (RBSHS) in Charleston, SC, said that prior to joining the Saga program she was struggling with math, but now after participating in high-impact tutoring with Saga, she is on the honor roll. Saga tutors take an individualized approach while trying to make sessions fun.

“If [school districts] have students that need the additional support, but you do not have the capacity of staff to offer, you should absolutely get involved with Saga,” said Brittany Cummings, RBSHS Assistant Principal.

RBSHS has been working with Saga and has seen significant improvements in students’ math scores since the inception of the partnership.

Here at Saga, we believe in teamwork solutions and that every student is capable of success.

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