A Former Saga Education Tutor Finds Her Path Back to Education

May 16, 2024
Former Saga Education tutor Caitlin wasn’t always sure she wanted to be a teacher. Despite her passion for learning and desire to be a positive influence, concerns about being a teacher steered her away for a while. But Caitlin never stopped learning herself, nor did she lose sight of her passion for helping others learn. She earned her undergrad in Humanities and Art History, which fueled her love of celebrating people and sharing knowledge.

After graduating from Utah Valley University, Caitlin took a job as a paralegal assistant. However, that role confirmed her passion for a career that allows her to make a positive impact. Then, Caitlin found Saga Education.

A Tutor Fellowship That Reignited the Spark

Saga allowed Caitlin to explore the education world and gain valuable experience. The program provided her with the support and resources to pursue this goal confidently. One of the things she appreciated most about Saga was the chance to learn effective teaching strategies. She even discovered a love for teaching math! As a result, Caitlin earned valuable experience in the K-12 education sector as a Saga math tutor, which reignited her desire to become a teacher.

The Value of Tutoring at Saga Education

Caitlin’s time at Saga wasn’t only about acquiring skills and rediscovering the joy of learning. She realized the importance of making learning fun and engaging for students, especially when it comes to math. Caitlin emphasizes the importance of the mock tutorial plans offered during the tutor fellowship. These sessions pushed her outside her comfort zone and prepared her for real-world tutoring experiences.

Caitlin highlights the benefits of the Saga tutor fellowship program. From financial aid to networking opportunities, Saga equipped her with the tools to succeed. She also credits Tyana, a Saga staff member, for her continued support.

Finding the Joy in Learning

Her experience as a Saga tutor wasn’t just beneficial to her. She also saw firsthand the positive impact Saga has on students. Witnessing a determined student overcome challenges and graduate high school was a particularly rewarding experience for her. One of Caitlin’s biggest takeaways is the importance of fostering joy in learning. She strived to make math relevant and promote the importance of education.

Journey From Tutor to Teacher

Today, Caitlin is excited to return with Saga as a Project Manager intern as she pursues her dream of becoming a teacher. Her experiences have taught her the importance of using research-backed methods to ensure student success. Caitlin believes that teachers can make a difference in the lives of their students and is eager to contribute to the next generation’s education.

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