12 Days of Learning: Our Top 12 High-Impact Tutoring Blogs

December 19, 2023
High-impact tutoring is a proven method to increase student achievement by addressing learning loss and accelerating learning. Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of high-impact tutoring and its direct benefits to students and school districts.

Top 12 Blog Posts About High-Impact Tutoring

The Impact of High-Impact Tutoring

1. In-School Tutoring Improves Outcomes for High School Students 

The efficacy of high-impact tutoring is backed by research. Studies have shown that it increases student achievement not only in one class but also success in non-tutored classes. Learn how in-school tutoring helps high school students learn and grow.

2. 5 Reasons Working With High-Impact Tutors Increases Student Success

High-impact tutoring is only as effective as the tutors who facilitate sessions with students. At Saga, we have discovered many traits and habits of the most successful high-impact tutors. Read about how you can focus tutoring efforts to increase student success.

3. Build Educator Pipelines with High Impact Tutoring

High-impact tutoring has many positive benefits for school districts, some extending far beyond the direct effects on learning. One of these benefits is entry into the educational system for non-teachers, many of whom pursue careers in education after experiencing a positive service year as a tutor. Find out how high-impact tutoring enhances educator pipelines.

4. Tutoring Can Help K-12 Schools Do More With Less

Many academic interventions create other logistical and staffing issues for districts that can offset the benefits of the solutions, especially in historically underserved school districts. High-impact tutoring accelerates learning without creating costly or challenging implementation issues. Read more about ways schools can address learning loss with fewer barriers.

Relationship-driven in all Formats: Live-Online or In-Person Tutoring

1. Connect With Students To Improve Their Outcomes

Connecting with students 1:1 can provide students with opportunities for differentiated learning. While individualized lessons are critical for many students to learn more deeply, it can be impossible for one teacher to provide for an entire classroom in one class period. Learn about how connecting with students 1:1 can facilitate a better learning experience.  

2. Creating Meaningful Relationships with Students

High-impact tutoring is built around the idea that students learn best in trusting relationships with caring adults who are invested in their success. Kids with meaningful, consistent relationships feel more confident taking risks and trying new things. Read about more ways students can benefit from tutor-student relationships.

3. Small Group Tutoring to Address Learning Loss

Small group learning is crucial to increase understanding in many subjects, but difficult for schools to facilitate when dealing with staffing shortages and classroom constraints. High-impact tutoring allows for small group tutoring during class time without relying on the classroom teacher to facilitate the sessions. Discover ways small group learning can address learning loss in class.

4. Three Reasons Why Small Groups are Best for High-Impact Tutoring

Many tutoring models are available for students, but high-impact tutoring is a proven model for improving learning outcomes. One reason is that it occurs in small group sessions, with a ratio of three students to one tutor. At Saga Education, students remain with the same group of students and the same tutor for the entire academic year. Read about three key reasons this model and dynamic are integral to increasing achievement.

Accelerated Learning to Improve Student Outcomes

1. Improving Math Skills Increases High School Graduation Rates 

Students who do not pass Algebra I in 9th grade are significantly less likely to complete their high school education. Many students cannot pass 9th-grade math because they need help understanding the concepts needed to complete assignments or improve their skills. Learning must be accelerated so that students can catch up to grade-level expectations and understand concepts fully enough to move forward in future classes. Read about how improving math skills contributes to increased graduation rates.

2. Why Early Literacy And Algebra I Are The Best Bets For High-Impact Tutoring

While students benefit from increased learning in all subjects, early literacy, and Algebra I are the best bets for school districts deciding where to apply high-impact tutoring. Improving student understanding in these areas is critical for success in their other coursework and future classes. Without a solid foundation, it is challenging for students to continue learning. Explore how high-impact tutoring enhances crucial skills in early literacy and Algebra I tutoring.

3. Parents and Teachers Uniformly Disliked Teaching Remotely. Here’s Why Tutoring Remotely is Different and Can Be Key to Supercharging Learning and Recovery

Remote learning during COVID-19 was a difficult and negative experience for a majority of students and their caregivers. For many families, barriers to success could not be mitigated by the tools and resources available. High-impact tutoring, even in remote applications, is a vastly different experience for students, families, schools, and communities. Learn how our high-impact tutoring model can increase success without adding extra stress for students, teachers, and their families.

4. How High-Impact Tutoring Works

Accelerated learning is an inherent benefit to our high-impact tutoring model at Saga. Our curricula are data-driven and designed to increase understanding and skills quickly so students can meet grade-level standards, learn current material, and prepare to move forward. Read more about how high-impact tutoring works and accelerates learning for students in districts across the country.

Bring the Power of High-impact Tutoring to Your School District

Learn more about how you can bring high-impact tutoring to your classrooms to establish more positive relationships and support for students, accelerate learning, and increase achievement and graduation rates.

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