Unlocking Potential

December 10, 2019

Inside each of us lives a story waiting to unfold. Some are born with an open road ahead. Others with twists and turns. Though our stories start in different places, each of us can help steer where our stories go.

Since October 2014, we have served over 12,000 students across Chicago, New York City and Washington DC. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of their stories, which are filled with courage, tenacity and growth.  From working through tough math problems, improving their attendance, or making a gain in their grade, we have had countless moments of celebrating student success.

Success stories provide an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the countless stories of academic, social, and emotional growth – no matter how big or small – that we experience every week.

Everyone can learn math to the highest levels. We believe that students can learn anything, so we meet them where they are academically and encourage them to develop growth mindsets to help take them to the next level.

Alia is a student who only speaks Swahili and struggles in her regular math class.  My entire team works with me to find ways to support Alia. She is now confident enough to explain her math in a few keywords that she has also acquired during tutorials. She also supports another student in the same tutorial, who speaks the same language, in understanding the content. 

– Dayelis Soca Matos, Sullivan High School

Dominick has been really consistent with attendance this week in addition to last week, he also shows a lot of effort and engagement in tutorials as well as on ALEKS, he completed a total of 11 topics this week. I will continue to encourage him to keep this up. 

Tamara Joseph, Lincoln High School

Mistakes are valuable. There is no shame in making mistakes, and in fact, we want students to know that these are the best opportunities to learn!

“Dakayla in my 2nd period, she used to avoid explaining her answers but now found the confidence to speak up  because she learned that it is okay to make mistakes.” -Canaan Gillihan, Little Village

Questions are really important. We tell students the more questions they ask, the more everyone learns.

“Tahj in 5th period went from an F to an A in Math by working with his teacher, asking questions while at Saga and putting in work overtime to boost his grade.” -Sydney Atoyebi, Morgan Park

Math is about connections and communicating. We want students to enjoy math, solve problems together, and share ideas within their tutorial groups.

I was working in a group with Ivan, Steve, Orlando, and Armando. Armando was having a hard time with the work. The other students took it upon themselves to help him . I was worried that Armando was feeling singled out and made to feel bad about not knowing the material. I checked in with him at the end of class and said he loved it and that Saga’s Math Lab was his favorite class! 

-John Paul Hellenbrand, Curie High School

Muttaqi has made me really proud. When he started coming to Math Lab, he played a lot and did not get much work done. He is now more engaged in the tutorials, excited about completing lessons on ALEKS, and even helps other students. I am excited to see his growth over the course of the school year. He is a force for accountability for his peers and his engagement in the material is strong. He has grown 20% in his foundational skills and is making academic shifts to improve his performance in Geometry.”

-Darria Pressley, Ron Brown Academy

Math class is about learning not performing. Math is a growth subject that takes time and is all about effort.  We praise learning, growing, and thinking, rather than correct answers.

“Daniel is an English language learner. Although he struggles academically, he works hard and has a joyful heart. Today, he was so proud to show the topics he mastered in class – he was literally teary eyed. It was a great moment for him.” 

-Anthony Onica, Schurz High School

“Although Kevin started the school year late, he embraced  Saga’s class culture immediately and really is determined to thrive and learn! He is catching up and completing his assignments on time. He’s not afraid to ask questions for clarification and is all around respectful and a joy to have.” 

-Layla Ellaisy, Anacostia/Woodson High School

“Kiyale is always engaged in his work. He sets high goals for himself that he diligently works towards. He communicates well with his tutor and classmates and is always ready to lend a helping hand. He’s very easy-going and hard-working and that doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated!”

-Camille Serrano, Harlan Community Academy High School

The students are responsible for their success and progress. We take great pride knowing that we were part of their journey. We look forward to helping more students achieve their goals and celebrating with them. If you are interested in learning more about our values and celebrating student wins, sign up here and we will be in touch with more information.