March Mathness!

March 19, 2019

It’s that time of year when the dribbling of basketballs and the cheers of crowds turn our cabin fever to basketball fever – yes friends and sports fanatics alike – it’s time for March Madness!

For the students and site teams at Saga, March Madness takes on a whole new meaning – with March Mathness! Saga’s March Mathness, puts a spin on our personalized tutorials each Friday of the month! Fellows and Site Directors turn Saga classrooms into the court of champions and students challenge themselves in math-centric matchups to prepare for their upcoming PSAT and NYS Regents exams. Our classrooms are decorated and students are tackling any math challenges being passed their way. Everyday, Saga Fellows work closely with students to help them envision being the champions of their academic journeys. March Mathness provides an opportunity for Fellows to get even more creative in showcasing and celebrating student’s growth!

Step into the classroom of Chicago’s Little Village Lawndale High School and meet Maria. As a Saga-veteran, Maria proved to her team that she was stiff competition. With the help of her Saga Fellow, Ms. Orleans, Maria built up her foundational skills game and her confidence! Maria and Ms. Orleans her fellow developed a game plan for her PSAT test day – for example reading word problems three times to make sure she understood what the question was asking – to make sure she brought her A-game. And Maria did. Between her first PSAT administration when she started with Saga in 9th grade and her second in 10th grade, Maria made a 70-point jump on her PSAT score!

Maria has continued on her path as math champion: she started her first year of high school in a non-honors math class; her sophomore year, she enrolled in honors math; currently, Maria is taking  honors geometry and an algebra extended class. She is planning on taking pre-calculus next year.

At New York City’s High School of Fashion Industries, Saga fellow Mr. Molinaro helped his students “ref” up for the competition by wearing his referee uniform every day they held March Mathness activities!

Every Saga staff member from Chicago to New York City can attest – our students are striving to be math champions. We need your support so that we can continue to be their coaches and advocates. Research shows that our impact is game changing. Be a game changer too and donate to support our students and Fellows.