Celebrating 5 years of service

October 22, 2019

This week we celebrate a major milestone–our 5-year anniversary.

Saga started in a kitchen on October 24, 2014 with a bold idea that schools ought to restructure themselves to embed high quality personalized tutoring as a regular part of the school day so that students can realize their potential academically, as well as develop a strong mentoring relationship with a caring adult.  Thanks to Saga’s passionate AmeriCorps members, relentless Site Directors and determined leadership staff, we have garnered much progress and momentum.

1. We have become a trusted, national leader in personalizing learning for students. Rigorous randomized control trial  evidence shows that our students learn an extra 2.5 years of math in one year.

2. We have expanded into 3 cities (New York, Chicago and Washington DC) with fidelity. This is due in large part to the consistent focus on developing high quality curriculum as well as rigorous training and evaluation processes to support our AmeriCorps members.

3. We have secured $47 million dollars to support our mission and program. We are tremendously grateful to our supporters to date. Thank you for believing in what we do and what we can become.

4. We have shown that service is a powerful tool to tackle our nation’s toughest challenges. Saga has over 700 alumni  who believe that educational inequity doesn’t have to be a fact and that we can see a new story for our communities.

Most importantly, we have supported over 12,000 students throughout the nation. Our students  have accomplished much even in the face of adversity and schools not suited to provide for their individual needs.  As much as we want to say that we have helped them, they have changed our lives and inspire us every day.

Although we have accomplished so much, this is only the beginning of our Saga. Please be part of our story by connecting with us on social media and by subscribing to our blog–because we look forward to sharing this next phase of our journey with you.