Advice for a new Saga Fellow

August 30, 2022

Before Saga said goodbye to its Fellows, we asked them what they learned from their students, what advice they would give to new Fellows, and what were their most memorable parts of their experience. Here’s what they had to say about being an AmeriCorps member serving Saga.

“Working with my students showed me the real benefit of the Saga program. We can make a difference.”
–Darian Bolen

“I learned so much from my students. They’ve shown me complex ways of approaching problems that I’d never considered, helped me discover strategies that help me communicate ideas clearly, and they’ve shown me how much I love helping people and giving back.”
— Hannah Heiden

“My experience as a Saga Fellow is one of the things that inspired me to get a Master’s degree in Education.”
–Lindsay Lopez

“My students showed me that there is no shame in asking questions, and being persistent with those questions is also necessary.”
–Lina Aldadah

“It’s so rewarding when you see that lightbulb go off. When a student understands the concepts and it finally clicks for them, it’s great.”
— Halcyeon Guy

“Every day I recognize the impact that my students have on me. They help me grow and open my eyes to things that I couldn’t have without their help.
–Will Restrepo

“As a retired educator, it has been a positive experience, delivering math in a completely different setting.”
–Victor Samuels